Tuesday, December 15, 2015

3rd Book of Filipino Scrapbookers

Hi and Hello!

Creo by Lady Katutz is closing the year 2015 with the completion of the 3rd Book of Filipino Scrapbookers.

This was released 1st quarter of year 2015.
And this has completed the set of 3 Books of the said Filipino Scrapbookers community:

Filipino Scrapbookers III

3 Copies printed with 2 copies available: 
128-page book {limited edition}

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Souvenir Sheet Stamp Design for the Filipino Scrapbookers


Sharing work done
for the Filipino Scrapbookers
the celebration of
Creo by Lady Katutz
Milestone Year 2014.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Filipino Scrapbookers Stamp Sheets Design by Creo by Lady Katutz Designs

This time, a pleasant good morning, this September 27th 2014!
I would like to share Stamp Sheets Design Series for Filipino Scrapbookers.  I have been thinking about this since year 2011 and never thought that this could be possible at an early year of 2011.  3 years has passed and everyone saw the birthd of the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog and my resting and resignation as administrator of both Filipino Scrapbookers Club and the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog, brought me to Postcrossing and to Philately.
This is one of the groups (Filipino Scrapbookers Club) I've been an administrator of and took helm with a few others.  And the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog has been my baby project.  We are all volunteers in this group effort and I had to see to much of my ability to host and manage activities all year round for almost 2 years since year 2012 and last year at the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog and managing, designing and activity coordination for the Filipino Scrapbookers Club.
For now, I only have the liberty to show my Admin profile for potential customized postage stamp.  The rest are the various banner logos for the 2 years the challenge blog has been up and for the 3 years the facebook group of the Filipino Scrapbookers has been in existence.
Now, sharing the photos of the stamp sheet designs
which I hope I and the group realizes soon:

The sketches above (the last stamp sheet design shown above) are also my own sketch designs as part of the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog's sketch team which is deemed for printing for my postcards I have printed and published under my Creo by Lady Katutz Designs.  The above and the chosen postcards from my works for the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog are purely for Maxicard purposes under Maximaphily, a branch of Postcrossing.
I'm still contemplating whether my Design Team Profile photo should include a Filipino Scrapbookers note label below the name.
Please note:   the variation in my DT profile photos were designed for each season in the year, milestone and challenge blog anniversary.  All Design Teams, I've prepared the same variation in DT Profile design for such varied occassions in a year.

Your Kathleen B. Hernandez
also as

Friday, April 11, 2014

Farewell . . . .


Hello, everyone!

It's time for me to bid all of our frequent followers and participants adieu, the participants from the Philippine Crafters Association, the few from the Filipino Scrapbookers Club, and 1 or 2 from the Pinoy Digital Designers Group that are with the Filipino Digital Designer sponsors of the challenge blog.

It is also time for me to express and say my thanks to my fellow Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog (FSCB) design team and Filipino Scrapbookers Club (FSC) Administrators and Swap activity Coordinators. ~  What we've done for the Filipino Scrapbookers is something that I had vowed to duplicate or should others say re-plicate in the United Kingdom as of last year.  Sadly, I wasn't able to move into that direction as well with regular international Kaboodle Doodles swap activities with United Kingdom as the central, USA (an alternate); and Manila, Philippines (in emergency and when the 2 hosting countries are in dire situations).

I have been proud to see my challenge blog (the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog) grow in the past 2 years, or should I say, almost 2 years of running sketch challenges on regular intervals.  From regular traditional scrapbook layouts (both paper and with me doing digital at the start) from my pioneering designers, to having a complete roster of digital LO designers, to having card designers with me taking the hybrid and digital card designing, and lastly to having (even though just 1 only) ATC challenge up on the blog, I'm proud to say that I've done my part.  From seeing regular traditional papercraft LOs, to a few mixed media LOs, to digitally crafted LOs, and this year evolving to scrapbook art (paper and digital) in the truest sense of a scrapbook art, I'm so glad that we've reached the mark for me.  More work to do, but this is a stop for me as of the moment.

Sadly, the challenge blog hasn't reached the number of followers and participants that I have envisioned the challenge blog to have.  But I'm glad that we've reached not only the local Filipino scrapbookers from newbies to regular and not so often scrappers.  It has been the aim of the challenge blog to invite Filipino scrappers Newbies and Oldies alike.  And do throw in the international community as well.  What boosted the challenge blog is having international participants though only a few from Italy, USA, Canada, Malaysia and India.  It was already a milestone for me.  Thank you to all of you who graced the challenge blog.

I was bound to introduce mood boards (to be designed by me) and Filipino art works of Philippine National Artists (as authorized to present at FSCB by Agu Aguado, a member of Art Philippines) to work with our regular sketch challenges for both Layouts and Cards, but the call to rest and the call for more duties outside of the challenge blog beckoned me.  Not only was I beckoned to take the call of rest, but also the very Filipina designer I have slated to take over the challenge blog.  I was hoping to introduce the very 1st Filipina who would design digital stamps for the Filipino Scrapbookers Design Team.  She is none other than Cel Fusilero.  And, I was already bound to segregate the paper LO sketch challenges from the digital sketch challenges by 2015 (with the help of Lorie Manz of LorieM Designs) by having sketch templates from digital designer sponsors available on separate monthly challenges from the paper LO sketch monthly challenges.   Sadly, it is time for the Filipino Scrapbookers to take rest for a while.  

I'll be taking leave also from all of my community involvements within the country in the area of Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and Crafting.  I need to re-energize and physically, emotionally and spiritually re-charge myself to be able to craft, scrap, design again and host online activities again for the Filipino community.

I'm grateful to the US Online Magazine, Scrapbooking.com, for making it possible to have some of my works for the Filipino Scrapbookers published in their magazine on a monthly basis, though only for a few months.  This has made it possible for the magazine to have their Digital Corner with me as their very 1st Digital LO article contributor.  I'm glad this was possible for me to be able to give back to my challenge blog sponsors, the Filipina digital designer sponsors and the other international digital stamp sponsors.  Thank you so much to Stefan, the Editor-in-Chief of Scrapbooking.com.

Aside from me, I'd also like to thank the rest of the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog's sponsors who had been with me since the start in year 2012 and those who have volunteered to help us in the succeeding years:

  • Bee Happy Crafts (Philippines)
  • Bessie David del Rosario (Philippines - Malabon City)
  • Craft Revive Piece with Eden Gomez (Philippines)
  • Creative Juice by Jazzy Jazz with Jasmin Arandilla (Philippines - Mindanao)
  • Eureka Stamps (USA)
  • Floppy Latte Designs (Europe)
  • Hey Kessy (Philippines - Quezon City)
  • Jemeline (Ime) Oranga (Philippines)
  • Lasting Impressions with Vivian Uy (Philippines - San Juan)
  • LorieM Designs with Lorie Manz, Filipina digital designer (Australia)
  • Maureen (Mo) Esquillo-Kao, SNR Art Studio Filipina instructor (USA)
  • Memory Lane Shop with Helen Sun Chua (Philippines - San Juan)
  • Mye De Leon with Mirlyn De Leon, Filipina digital designer (Philippines - Singapore)
  • Paper Panic Studio with Edrolin Moises (Filipino in Canada)
  • QKR Stampede (USA)
  • Besties Digital Stamps with Sherri Baldy (USA)
  • Sister's Craft Cafe with Luanne Serafin-Pang and Venus Serafin-Fortuna (Philippines - Ceby City & Zamboanga City)
  • Stitchy Bear Digital Outlet (SBDO-USA)
  • Treasured Memories with Sunshine Asuncion-See (Philippines went back to Canada)
Thank you also to the following sponsors who are scheduled at the latter part of year 2014.  Sadly, I won't be able to have you on with a sketch challenge on the challenge blog.  But thank you for looking at the Filipino Scrapbookers and wanting to push thru with sponsoring us and hoping to have more activities with the whole team.
  • Cel Fusilero, Filipino digital stamp sponsor & visual artist (Philippines)
  • Jade's Crafting Journey with Jade Basco Mayor (Philippines - Bulacan)
I'd also like to thank my digital designers (Charly Renay of Crescent Moon Designs and Tiffany Nicole Berman of Inspiredbydominic Designs) for whom I CT with for providing digital kits for me to create exclusive digital elements to digital Quickpages as freebies at the Filipino Scrapbookers Community Facebook Page shared with the Philippine Crafters Association.  I'd also like to thank Donna Bolo Espiritu (my Donna Ong) for helping initially with Digital Quickpages from her own arsenal of digital designers for whom she CT with, primarily & only with Mirlyn of Mye De Leon Designs. And, also for I Love Scraps by Ing Lim for providing and sharing her own digital freebies (of digital kits) for once and twice with the Filipino Scrapbookers Facebook Community.  We all help to enable each other in every which way we can.  And thank you for being there for the Filipino Community (Americans and Filipinos alike).  My gratitude to you all and I do appreciate every effort made.

I'd also like to thank all that who Guest Designed with the Filipino Scrapbookers Design Team in year 2013.  It was the aim to spread the word for a unified Filipino or Philippine Scrapbookers in every channel we have and to further promote your works and for newbies to know more about the industry leaders (may they be former scrappers or industry leaders and those still going on in their crafting and scrapping work and business).  More power to you all!!  It is every scrappers and scrapbookers dream to put Scrapbooking into the Map in the Philippines arts and crafts and around the world.  May this dream be carried on by other entrants into the Philippine Scrapbooking industry.

I'll still be around but not as visibly online as I used to be.  I have to silently grieve the passing of the only Philippine National Artist in my clan.  Though I knew him only by name and would only take a glimpse of him at certain tragic family occasions.  Here I am saying farewell to my Grand Uncle I.P.  and also to my Filipino community in craft and in scrap and in art.  May we again converge online and meet online together for a craft and scrap activity in arms.  We have been valiant at work in our crafts and scrapbooking but then personal issues do abound and hound us.  Regards to all of you and hopefully we'll be working together again in any future endeavour (craft, scrap and art) or project for the Filipino community to share with the international community.

Much love, regards and God Bless to everyone in the Philippines. Much love to the international community in craft, in scrap and in art. In art and in camaraderie.

Bests and yours truly,
Kathleen B. Hernandez
{your Lady Katutz}
from Las PiƱas City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Thursday, April 10, 2014

March 2014 Winners and DT Faves

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our challenges last month. Your entries were all so wonderful! 

List of Local LO Participants:

1. Rosalinda G. Reyes
2. Rosalinda G. Reyes
3. Rosalinda G. Reyes
4. Gilberto G. Reyes
5. Gilberto G. Reyes
6. Gilberto G. Reyes
7. Gilberto G. Reyes
8. Gilberto G. Reyes
9. Rosalinda G. Reyes
10. Rosalinda G. Reyes
11. Rosalinda G. Reyes
12. Rosalinda G. Reyes
13. Rosalinda G. Reyes
14. Cory Ortiz of Cory Creations
15. Gilberto G. Reyes
16. Gilberto G. Reyes
17. Gilberto G. Reyes
18. Gilberto G. Reyes
19. Gilberto G. Reyes

List of Card Sketch Participants:
1. Gilberto G. Reyes
2. Gilberto G. Reyes
3. Gilberto G. Reyes
4. Gilberto G. Reyes
5. Gilberto G. Reyes
6. Melanie Anne B. Cheng
7. Melanie Anne B. Cheng
8. Melanie Anne B. Cheng

List of International LO Participants:
1.  NONE

The Filipino Scrapbookers "WINNERs" for the month are:

OUR LOCAL LO Sketch Challenge WINNER
(drawn by random.org)
 Congratulations, Cory Ortiz of Cory Creations!!
(winner of scrapbook goodies and tool kit prize
by Vivian Uy of Lasting Impressions)
Here's Cory Ortiz' project:

OUR CARD Sketch Challenge WINNER
 (drawn by random.org)
Congratulations, Gilberto G. Reyes!!
(winner of besties digital stamp prize
from Sherri Baldy)
Here's Gilberto's project:



The Filipino Scrapbookers "FAVEs" for the month are:

Sketch Challenge #46:
(chosen by Maria Ingrid Unabia Lim)
i like the paper in bracket shape layered with different butterflies & flowers. 
Rosalinda G. Reyes

entry #4

Sketch Challenge #47:
(chosen by Jemeline Oranga)
Gilberto G. Reyes

entry #2

Sketch Challenge #48:
(chosen by Marissa Fe Virtucio Lucido)
"my choice because you can visualize the sketch in the LO."
Cory Creations by Cory Ortiz

entry #8

If you are the prize winner, please also grab the “Winner’s Badge” found on the right sidebar.  For the International LO winners, send your mailing address by e-mail at the address found in the left sidebar & we’ll get your prize right thru your doorsteps. For the local LO winning participant, please pick up your prize at Lasting Impressions or contact Lasting Impressions to arrange for delivery of your prize (courier delivery cost to be shouldered by the winner).  For the card sketch winner, please send me an email at the e-mail address found in the left sidebar. Please also grab the “Winner’s Badge” found on the right sidebar. 

If you are the “Fave” of the month, please grab the “Fave” badge found on the right sidebar too.

Thanks, everyone!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Travelling Art Journal Activity with FSCB Designers

Hello, everyone!

I know I've previously posted and shared the December 2013 concluded the Filipino Scrapbookers Challenge Blog Design Team's Travelling Art Journal Activity at the Filipino Scrapbookers - Let's Scrappy (Scrapping Community's Writing Blog).

I promised the team I'll also share it here at FSCB.

Here are the photos of my Travelling Bencab Art Journal
utilized initially for the Design Team's Christmas Travelling Art Journal Activity:



the above pages are all Kathleen B. Hernandez' works for various design team projects from Kaboodle Doodles, Sunny Side Up Creations and Southern Girls Challenge Blog up to as a Travelling Art Journal Activity for the Filipino Scrapbookers.


 the above 4 photos are Bessie David del Rosario's pages on my Travelling Art Journal.  Thank you so much for filling up a few pages for our Christmas 2013 with the Filipino Scrapbookers.


pages of Nathalie (Cabbie) Jane Lopez

mixed media textured pages of Jem (Ime) Oranga
Thank you so much for having and beautifying my Bencab Art Journal. And for having a more wonderful Christmas 2013 with the Filipino Scrapbookers Design Team.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Challenge #48 (sketch by Melissa)

It's our 48th challenge and
we have a sketch by Melissa:

{inspirational sketch}

Here are layouts prepared by our design team
for your inspiration:

scrapbook art
utilizing abi ballerina All Dressed Up digital stamp from United Kingdom  
Kathleen Hernandez


mixed media scrapbook art layout

digital art layout

mixed media art LO

digital mixed media LO

Our March 2014 Sponsors:
Store Address:  
216-A V.Ibanez Street
San Juan, Metro Manila 1500
Tel# 722-2948
Cell# (0917) 811-4865

Your ONE STOP online Scrapbook and "Precious Moments" store.  We offer good quality and diverse line of scrapbook, craft supplies, and Precious Moments items at affordable prices. Wide variety of scrapbook embellishments, albums, brads, eyelets, stickers, rub-ons, chipboards, patterned papers, cardstock, overlays and tools that you need to make memories live on from generation to generation. New items of scrapbooking supplies and Precious Moments product are being added to our inventory on a regular basis.  All our scrapbook items in our online store are acid & lignin free and archival safe.

Edrolin Moises of Paper Panic Studio

About Edrolin Moises:
When I was just a kid I love papers. I didn't know that it would come to this point in my life that papers will forever be a part of me. And I have three wishes regarding paper crafting that one day I would be able to design for any paper company, number two; witness CHA in its greatness, and number three; own a "legitimate" store.
Here are the links that I would like you guys to visit and hopefully find it interesting:
Blog (I don't really hang out here that much but here goes nothing): http://edrolinmoises.blogspot.ca/
Scrapbooking/ card making posts: http://www.scrapbook.com/places/Peterpan

Prizes for the month of March 2014

1. for Filipino (local) LO sketch challenge winner
(prize to be claimed at Lasting Impressions or shipping to be shouldered by the winner)

2.  for Card sketch challenge winner
Floppy Latte Designs (FLD) digital images
utilized by the FSCB Card Design Team

3. for International LO sketch challenge winner
Zesty Summer Mini Kit from Paper Panic Studio

FOR FILIPINO PARTICIPANTS, kindly write PHI beside your name when you link up your entries. 

We look forward to seeing your creations for this month's challenge of March 2014.  We are a sketch challenge blog with bi-monthly LO sketch challenges and (1) monthly card sketch challenge.  So, project entries should be linked up by March 31, 2014 using the inlinkz gadget below.  Just click the inlinkz gray button below. We will no longer be using the comments section for entry submission. Winners will be announced not later than the 10th of the following month.  
Please Take Note: 
1.      We are sponsored by wonderful and generous businesses who have kindly offered their products as prizes in our challenge.  In the interest of fairness to all challenge participants, all entries that do not follow our simple rules (please see on the right sidebar) will be removed and disqualified.

Thanks for your understanding and for playing along with us!